An endless source of inspired solutions.

Photograph of Well Creative owner and graphic designer Dian Greaves.

Dian Greaves  B.F.A. Hons.


With more than 15 years experience
in the design community, Dian brings
a host of talents to any creative project she's involved in. Her genuine curiosity for all her client's unique business situations makes her a valuable asset
for companies of all shapes and sizes.


Well Creative was established to connect a creative spirit directly with clients seeking inspired solutions, attention to detail, and uncompromising customer service.
I'm fascinated to learn more about the specific goals
of each client, and am always up to the challenge of crafting words and imagery that will help achieve them. 


"I am continually impressed and astonished by her
level of creativity and ability to meet zany deadlines. Tapping into her seemingly inexhaustible bank of fresh ideas, Dian is able to conceptualize complex information and remix it into thoughtful and visually impactful designs. She has a quick sense of business plans and
the ability to translate methodology into solid results."

Caroline Kinsman, Marketing Dept., Premier, a Division of School Specialty