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Recruitment Gift Basket


In today's competitive market,

making a positive impression
on a potential recruit can change
the face of your business.

Selling your workplace and city
to those unfamiliar with all they have to offer is a daunting task. That's why Luke Snider, owner
of Snider Orthotic Design, asked Well Creative to put together a gift that would really show off
Winnipeg's unique personality. From collecting the local iconic contents, researching and crafting copy, to hand delivering the finished piece, Well Creative took care of all the details and was able to make the memorable impact that Luke desired.

Welcome to Winnipeg!

Service Promotion
Leave Behind | Identity

CLIENT: AAA Mobile Massage Therapy


Expanding the services your
small business provides is a great way to strengthen your client base and increase revenue.
When Jason Matthes, owner of AAA Mobile Massage Therapy, decided to branch out and offer on-site services specifically beneficial to senior homes
and retirement communities,
he needed to get the word out.
Well Creative helped him
update his identity to reflect
his current holistic practice, extensive knowledge, and the professionalism his clients have come to expect. When your identity and promotional pieces feel like a natural extension
of your business, you'll be
proud to share them and
bring your unique services
to a wider audience.

Inside spread of on-site massage therapy promotional leave behind